Machine Tending Education Cell

Does your School have CNC Mill or Lathe training?

Now is the time to take your training to the advanced automation level with a robot integrated to load and unload your CNC Machine.

Advanced Manufacturing CERT M20 Cell

Students will gain hands-on experience with standard industrial components they are most likely to see in real manufacturing environments. Learn robot program calls from a PLC based on decisions. Test I/O, motor operation, safety inputs, and vision-guided robotics.

Connected Smart Manufacturing-CSM

The CSM is an intelligent manufacturing system using the latest industry 4.0 connected advanced manufacturing equipment and training problem-solving and integration skills similar to what your students will see upon graduation.

Machine Tending Education cell with CNC Simulator

Now there is a feature-packed robot and CNC training cell for multi-level certifications. With one system a student can receive Level 1 Robot, Level 2 Advanced Robot with Vision, CNC Programming, and Integration between a Robot and a CNC Machine, all in one compact, ready to use cell!

FENCELESS LR Mate 200iD/4S R-30iB Mate Plus Controller CERT Cart

The Fenceless cart allows a greater work envelope and introduces students to the latest in integrated safety products from FANUC.

LR Mate 200iD/4S CERT Cart

Learning and teaching robot programming is straightforward with FANUC’s portable cart.

The FANUC Robotics CERT Mobile Training Cart provides everything you need for training staff or students: hardware, software, a portable cart, plus the robot.

FENCELESS CR-4iA R30iB Collaborative CERT Cart

The FANUC compact collaborative robot line-up is a small, human arm sized six-axis 4kg-7kg payload robot with short, standard and long arm variants available.