Understanding that the workforce is getting prepared today for jobs that will be obsolete in 5 years, and with the vision of leading the training, advice and integration of cutting-edge technology in the region, Capris Group develops the Robotics and CNC Innovation and Training Center.

Capris Group is an organization that has been providing solutions for over 62 years in the fields of industrial and automotive maintenance. It also sells products for the hardware and construction market, with an assortment ranging from equipment, tools, supplies, occupational safety, rental equipment and electrical materials.

It also operates in the field of energy efficiency and energy generation with renewable sources. Other fields where the group has entered with great success in the last 25 years are the fields of engineering and clinical diagnosis, where the company has become an undisputed leader in the national market.

We are the direct support of 5000 clients in the industrial area, with business relationships of more than 50 years. The wholesale area serves more than 500 hardware stores and 300 automotive spare part stores, throughout the country.

Robotics & CNC Innovation and Training Center, is the platform in which the education converges with the industry, through education, training and integration of cutting-edge technology in the region.

On December 13, 2019 it was officially inaugurated, at the Cariari Corporate Center in Heredia, Costa Rica. Also, in Colombia and Guatemala.