Regarding the world situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the position and preparation of Robotics and CNC Innovation and Training Center is as follows:

  1. We are attentive and complying with the instructions of the Government and Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.
  2. Robotics and CNC abides by the General Guidelines for “Public and Private Educational Centers, Kindergartens and the like (Pre-School, School, University and Technical) by COVID-19” issued by the Ministry of Health:
  • Door and drawer handles and handles, instruments, equipment, dining room tables, and more are disinfected at least three times a day, in addition to the regular cleaning routine.
  • Face-to-face meetings, as well as visits to our facilities, have been canceled until further notice (meetings are invited to be held online).
  • A dispensing bottle of 70% alcohol solution has been placed in each work area.
  • Additional alcohol dispensers have been placed at the main entrance of the company.
  • It has been defined that, if a collaborator or visitor presents the symptoms, or has been in contact with confirmed cases, they should not come to work or leave the premises immediately and go to the nearest medical center to be reviewed and diagnosed.

As our focus is to serve as a training center and convergence point for different professionals and industries, any course, training or service to be provided at the Robotics and CNC facilities will be duly coordinated with the management, in order to collaborate with the mitigation of this virus.

At Robotics and CNC we care about the health of our staff and our clients, closely following the events presented and keeping abreast of the information provided by the government to implement new action plans if necessary.


Robotics and CNC Innovation and Training Center Team


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